Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Saint Pius X Feast Day

Saint Pius X Feast day is today on 21st of August.  He was a Priest, Bishop, Cardinal then a Pope. He was born in June 2, 1835 and he died in 18 August, 1907. Pius X had 8 brothers and sisters. Saint Pius X wanted to help the poor, he grew up in Italy and he said "I was born poor, I lived in poverty and I wish to die poor".

Monday, 19 August 2013

Cross Country

On a bright, sunny afternoon I was not racing for the Cross Country because of my cough. Mrs Williams said “can you help me to see who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th and what house they are in?”. I replyed to Mrs Williams “yes I will”. The senior students in room 7 were racing, they were told to jog so they didn’t lose their  energy. Miss G said “ready, steady, go”. Then the room 7 students went jogging and Miss G brought room 6 out of the courts. Miss G said “Ready, Steady, Go”. When Miss G said  to Room 3 where to go  they went to start the race and Miss G said “Ready, Steady, Go” and Room 3 start running along. After that Mrs Williams and I were waiting  for them. Then one of the girls was the first one of the Room 6 students.then some of the room 7, Room 6 and Room 3 was jogging up quickly. I told them to go to Mrs William. Mrs Williams said“how old a you. what house a you in” a person said I am 12 and I am in Tuis after that another person I am 13”, I said “13 year olds are finished so you so can go”. all of the students came back and I told them to go to Mrs Williams to say how old they are and what house they were in Tuis, Kiwis, Geckos or Keas. All of the students went to Mrs Williams ask them two questions. Mrs Williams told them to go to the courts when she 13 was finish with them.     

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Assumption Mary

We celebrate the Assumption  of Mary and she is the Queen of heaven. This is celebrated on the 15th August.Pope Pius declared it to be true that Mary’s body went to heaven.When Mary was in heaven she sat between Jesus and God.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The 7 Sacrament

Sacrament Image
Name of Sacrament and what it means

Marriage means to be with someone you love very much and you want to be with the  rest of your life.
Holy communion:

Holy communion means to be blessed with the bread and blood of christ.

Confirmation means that you want to be something like being a catholic.The other meaning for confirmation is to be confirmed or the state.
Holy Orders:

Holy orders means like getting ready to be a servant or God and to follow in Jesus footsteps.

Baptism means that your being welcome into a community or a church.
Last Rights:

Last rights mean that a priest comes to the hospital or your home wherever you are he will come and bless you before you die. Some people normly have last rights once but sometimes they have them many times.

reconciliation means to go to a priest and tell him all the things that you have done wrong

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird

Once upon a time in a beautiful forest there lived grey and brown birds. The birds were very sad because they didn’t have cool colors. the birds all looked the same even though they were different types. The said to each other “whys does nature have color and we don’t they said with jealousy. Everyday they would try rubbing themselves with colorful things, they also tried to squeez juice from fruits but it still came off.

Every time after the rain the were really excited to see the rainbow. Nothing in the nature could ever match the beauty of the rainbow. One day after the rain stopped something was wrong with the rainbow the rainbow was dark not bright anymore. When the rainbow was getting dark the Phoenix came from the rainbow  and asked for help for the birds to save the rainbow. Some of them did not want to help because it was not their business. Some of them went so they went to the top of the Rainbow and they were fighting with and it was hard for them to fight because there were lots of roaches eating the rainbow. They fight and some of them fell to the ground. Then the roaches fell to the ground and the birds save the Rainbow then they went through the rainbow and they have turned into different colours and they were very happy. Then the Phoenix said that they were  the birds of the rainbow. They went back home and the birds who stayed were so jealous because the birds had different colours on and they didn’t.  They should have helped the Phoenix.