Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Holiday

In the holidays I went to Wellington. First of all I went to the circus and the circus was at Porerua, “good bye mum” I shouted .

I said “the motorbike is going to happen” but my dad didn’t believe in me . When we got the ticket for the circus I thought that we were the only people there, there was no one there except me and also my dad but we were just the 1st one at the circus.

Me  and my dad waited for the people and when the people came to the circus it was 1pm. The circus was finally opened and we gave our tickets to go in.

When the people, me and my dad went in the circus it started, I was excited.

I shouted “WOW! that was amazing” the girls used a chair like stairs and I was so happy. The boys were jumping around.

It was a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

e-learning vocabulary

URL -  Address of a website.

Blog - Where you post your Ideas and stories.

Post - Sharing your Ideas

Comment -  Saying to someones post.

Wireless -  Connecting to the internet

Email -  is sending messages.

Username - my name on my account.

Password - a secret password  just for me.

Screenshot - taking a picture.

Desktop - the main screen on my netbook.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


How to make Karengo
1. Get Karengo from the rocks by the sea.
2. Get the Karengo out of the rocks slowly.
3. Put the Karengo in the water to wash it carefully to get rid of the sand and rock
4. When the bag is full we take it home.
5. you put the karengo in the dish.
6.Put the dish in the oven and let it cook for 2 hour.
7. you check carefully and stir it.
8.add a little of hot water  and better.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Silly Story

Once upon a time there lived a gingerbread man and he lived in a cottage, his name was James.
James went to the library and when he got a book he saw something like a box and there was a key for it. He thought “what is that?”.

He moved the books and it was a treasure box, he went to get the key when suddenly the box said “James”. James got such a fright. He thought that it was gold and took the key and the box back to the library and moved the books and the put it there and put the books back where it was. The book was far too scary to even think of opening it.