Friday, 25 October 2013

The Panda who started to have friends.

Jam Bus

Dear Jam Bus Team,

Thank you for recording us and the CDs you gave us. When I listened to the music you put some other beats  on it which was cool.

How I felt  is I was excited when I start and I was happy to ihear the songs you recorded.

I wish that you will come back next year .

Yours sincerely

Friday, 18 October 2013


After tea time Miss G told Room 3 that we were going to Squash in the school hall. When we were in the hall and there were two persons, they introduced themselves one man was Phil and another man was Michael. What we did then was we folded our hands and listened to the rules.

Then Phil halfed Room 3 in a group and we did the skills first and the anothers did the real wall it  was fun I saw new tricks when we finish all the skills we try the skills so we got sweaty.

After the skills our group went to Michael now the other group went to Phil and we have to take turns and when the loser wins the serve and when the loser lose they have to give the racket to them.

Seuati, Rachel, Miss G, Ezra and Patrick kept on winning. I tried my best to play squash and Room three had their own fun.

Some information about squash    

1. The two top players in 2013 is number one woman is Nical David  from Malaysia
number one man is Ramy Ashour from Egypt.

2. Squash players wear glasses to protect their eyes and the band on their forehead so the sweat can be sucked up the band and a  t - shirt and pant for the men and t - shirt and the scarf is for the women.

3. The real court is three times bigger than the one we were playing on.