Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Training

I am looking forward to playing Touch and learning about Touch and skills.
I am expecting it to be fun and I will enjoy and learn some skills.

I will see some rugby balls, coach to teach us to play  and cones around the field.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Saint Patrick

Film Festival term 4 2013

On Wednesday night I walked to Sylvia Park with Maxine, Melesini,Taiwan and my cousin. I got there early and I was happy because I didn’t want to miss out the movies. I went inside and I saw Alecia and Patrick and Faleaka there, I said “Hi”. When it was open everyone had to show their ticket so they could get in. After that I asked my cousin to get me popcorn and he went and bought me popcorn. When we got in I shouted “HI SAM, HI MRS TUI”,  it was noisy. When it got dark the movies were about to start. When the movie started I saw Alecia and Patrick on stage. I laughed at the funny ones and when it came to the Maori movie I got sleepy. Some movies were funny and some movies were cool.

At the movie I was happy and my favorite movie was the Magic Teacher.

Friday, 15 November 2013

inspiring person

My mum inspire me because she looks after me when one body there to look after me I love her and she is wonderful and I want to be like her when I grow up and I want her to be happy for me.  

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Practice 5

One day there was a girl having breakfast and then  she went on  her computer and the man came and put on the plug and turned it on and the woman screamed “AH AH AH AH AH AH AH!!!!!!!”,then he stopped. “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” he laughed.Then the other daughter came in and said “ what was that noise dad’’ “it the blower and blowed her hair and it was funny” , “I didn’t like that ,that was annoying”“I am so sorry daughter I just want myself to be happy and I want you to laugh with me I am truly sorry. Do you forgive me” ,I forgive you and I think that was funny as well"

The End

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Practice 4

Once upon a time it was a lovely day their/there was a woman and a man that had children.The children went and asked their mom/mum an/and dad something so they went and ask/asked what they were go/going to say “Can we go to the zoo please mum and dad?” ask/asked the children then their mum and dad said “yes we can go”. So then Bella said “Thank you mom and dad”, “You're welcome”.

So when they got ready they went inside the car “I am so excited to go!!” shouted Ben. So dad parked the car and then got out off the car and went inside the zoo. When they got inside mum pay/paid to go inside the zoo. They saw a monkey with big eyes and it  looked scary and they went and hide. So they went back to the animals and they weren't scared any more. They lived happy/happily ever after.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

One wonderful, shiny day people went to the beach because it was sunny. When they went it was warm and they played in the sand making sand castles.

When they were finished making sand castles they went in the water and went to get an ice cream. After that their parents were talking and they were horrified because their children were gone, so they we looking for them.

The children came back and came with an ice cream so their parents were happy because they came back.

They told the children that they needed to tell them first and when their parents say yes then they could go and when they say no then stay there.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Panda who started to have friends.

Jam Bus

Dear Jam Bus Team,

Thank you for recording us and the CDs you gave us. When I listened to the music you put some other beats  on it which was cool.

How I felt  is I was excited when I start and I was happy to ihear the songs you recorded.

I wish that you will come back next year .

Yours sincerely

Friday, 18 October 2013


After tea time Miss G told Room 3 that we were going to Squash in the school hall. When we were in the hall and there were two persons, they introduced themselves one man was Phil and another man was Michael. What we did then was we folded our hands and listened to the rules.

Then Phil halfed Room 3 in a group and we did the skills first and the anothers did the real wall it  was fun I saw new tricks when we finish all the skills we try the skills so we got sweaty.

After the skills our group went to Michael now the other group went to Phil and we have to take turns and when the loser wins the serve and when the loser lose they have to give the racket to them.

Seuati, Rachel, Miss G, Ezra and Patrick kept on winning. I tried my best to play squash and Room three had their own fun.

Some information about squash    

1. The two top players in 2013 is number one woman is Nical David  from Malaysia
number one man is Ramy Ashour from Egypt.

2. Squash players wear glasses to protect their eyes and the band on their forehead so the sweat can be sucked up the band and a  t - shirt and pant for the men and t - shirt and the scarf is for the women.

3. The real court is three times bigger than the one we were playing on.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Recount

YAY THE DUFFY THEATRE IS HERE!!!! After morning tea Saint Pius School went in the hall. Three people came to Saint Pius and introduced themselves. We did the Samoan slap game, it was so fun.  They were going to do a show for us called Duffy Loses his Words. In the play there was a story all about Duffy losing his words. In Duffy’s dream this man was trying to steal all the words from Duffy’s brain. Suddenly his mum shouted “Duffy wake up got and give the rubbish to the man and take your toys in the room also get ready for school”, then Afi came.  Duffy was wearing the wrong t-shirt.
Vautrin came because Duffy and Afi said Voter's name three times.

Then he came, when Afi rimed the words Valtra  will sneeze so they did a quiz but Duffy did the words in morei so he won he got his words back so that the end the end of the story I hope you enjoy my story about the Duffy theatre.

My favourite part of was the clapping games and I can not wait for the another Duffy theatre. :)


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My trip to Australia

On Thursday I woke up in 3 o‘clock for the plane, I packed my stuff, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and went to change my clothes and say goodbye to my grandma, grandpa, uncle and cousin. Me, my cousin and my aunt went to my aunts house and picked her up and we all went to the airport.

When we were at the airport we went up stairs and had breakfast. I was sleepy because I woke up too early. What I did was sit down and waited for my aunt to bring the McDonald’s for breakfast. I had a kiwi breakfast.

After we ate the kiwi breakfast we went to do the passport and bag stuff. When we did that my aunt asked if we wanted to go toilet so we went to the toilet. Three of us went to the waiting room for the plane to come at 7 o’clock, that took a long time. While we waited I was writing in my piano book because I have my lesson every Wednesday. Aunt was asleep but she woke up because the women said the plane was there so we went in line to scan the tickets to Australia and went in the plane. We fastened our seat belts and it took three hours to get to Australia, but in Australia we traveled to the Gold Coast.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Matthew 25:36 Physical                                     Having a healthy body.Social                                      Having family-whanau support.Mental                                     Being able to tell other what you think and feel.Spiritual                                    Being able to believe in God.       

Monday, 9 September 2013

Maths Reflection

What I think about maths is it is fun because it gives you understanding of numbers. When I pactise my basic facts I learn better and better. At school we use Xtramath, it is a basic facts programme.
In Xtramath it does add, takeaway, Times table and division. What I did in maths today was Maths whizz. In Math whizz I was doing Take away practise. I had to type my answer, what I did was (965 - 100 = ……. the answer was 865). It was fun with math whizz, it was great in maths.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Saint Pius X Feast Day

On Saint Pius X feast day it was a beautiful morning with the wonderful sunshine on friday the 23d August.
There was a whole school mass and we all lined up and walked inside the church. The whole school mass kneeled down and did the sign of the cross. We sat down on the seats with the teachers watching us in church if we talked to a person and so the students were quiet in the church. At church the whole school saw father wearing Green for Ordinary Time in the Liturgical Calendar. We sang a song when we started church and he greeted the students and teachers. After when he had done the gospel Father said “The Gospel of the lord”, then the students and teachers sat down on the chairs. After that finally it was the blessing and once the whole school mass finished we went to the concert in the hall. When the bell rang Room 3 lined up to go to the hall to celebrate Saint Pius  X feast day. The whole school went into the hall and sat down on the floor and were self contolled and behaved ourselves. After that the whole school sang “Happy birthday to Saint Pius X feast day” the helpers: Maxine, Geneveive, Melesane, Latanoa, and Justin gave out the cake to everyone. After that we ate the cake it was delicious and amazing. When we finished the cake Justin came round to the children and put their paper tower in the rubbish bin and the whole school walked to their classrooms and did Maths.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Saint Pius X Feast Day

Saint Pius X Feast day is today on 21st of August.  He was a Priest, Bishop, Cardinal then a Pope. He was born in June 2, 1835 and he died in 18 August, 1907. Pius X had 8 brothers and sisters. Saint Pius X wanted to help the poor, he grew up in Italy and he said "I was born poor, I lived in poverty and I wish to die poor".

Monday, 19 August 2013

Cross Country

On a bright, sunny afternoon I was not racing for the Cross Country because of my cough. Mrs Williams said “can you help me to see who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th and what house they are in?”. I replyed to Mrs Williams “yes I will”. The senior students in room 7 were racing, they were told to jog so they didn’t lose their  energy. Miss G said “ready, steady, go”. Then the room 7 students went jogging and Miss G brought room 6 out of the courts. Miss G said “Ready, Steady, Go”. When Miss G said  to Room 3 where to go  they went to start the race and Miss G said “Ready, Steady, Go” and Room 3 start running along. After that Mrs Williams and I were waiting  for them. Then one of the girls was the first one of the Room 6 students.then some of the room 7, Room 6 and Room 3 was jogging up quickly. I told them to go to Mrs William. Mrs Williams said“how old a you. what house a you in” a person said I am 12 and I am in Tuis after that another person I am 13”, I said “13 year olds are finished so you so can go”. all of the students came back and I told them to go to Mrs Williams to say how old they are and what house they were in Tuis, Kiwis, Geckos or Keas. All of the students went to Mrs Williams ask them two questions. Mrs Williams told them to go to the courts when she 13 was finish with them.     

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Assumption Mary

We celebrate the Assumption  of Mary and she is the Queen of heaven. This is celebrated on the 15th August.Pope Pius declared it to be true that Mary’s body went to heaven.When Mary was in heaven she sat between Jesus and God.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The 7 Sacrament

Sacrament Image
Name of Sacrament and what it means

Marriage means to be with someone you love very much and you want to be with the  rest of your life.
Holy communion:

Holy communion means to be blessed with the bread and blood of christ.

Confirmation means that you want to be something like being a catholic.The other meaning for confirmation is to be confirmed or the state.
Holy Orders:

Holy orders means like getting ready to be a servant or God and to follow in Jesus footsteps.

Baptism means that your being welcome into a community or a church.
Last Rights:

Last rights mean that a priest comes to the hospital or your home wherever you are he will come and bless you before you die. Some people normly have last rights once but sometimes they have them many times.

reconciliation means to go to a priest and tell him all the things that you have done wrong

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird

Once upon a time in a beautiful forest there lived grey and brown birds. The birds were very sad because they didn’t have cool colors. the birds all looked the same even though they were different types. The said to each other “whys does nature have color and we don’t they said with jealousy. Everyday they would try rubbing themselves with colorful things, they also tried to squeez juice from fruits but it still came off.

Every time after the rain the were really excited to see the rainbow. Nothing in the nature could ever match the beauty of the rainbow. One day after the rain stopped something was wrong with the rainbow the rainbow was dark not bright anymore. When the rainbow was getting dark the Phoenix came from the rainbow  and asked for help for the birds to save the rainbow. Some of them did not want to help because it was not their business. Some of them went so they went to the top of the Rainbow and they were fighting with and it was hard for them to fight because there were lots of roaches eating the rainbow. They fight and some of them fell to the ground. Then the roaches fell to the ground and the birds save the Rainbow then they went through the rainbow and they have turned into different colours and they were very happy. Then the Phoenix said that they were  the birds of the rainbow. They went back home and the birds who stayed were so jealous because the birds had different colours on and they didn’t.  They should have helped the Phoenix.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The helium melon seed boy

The Helium Melon Seed Boy - Pt 1, No 2, 2009

1. Find the meanings story.
‘The sun winked at him’ - sun rise up ✔
‘a wide grin’ - a wide grin is a big smile.
‘take a zillion years to tell you all I’ve seen’ - it will take a long time to tell you.✔
‘her mouth an oval of surprise’ - your amazed. ✔
2. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
hollow - If something is hollow, it has an empty space inside it. ✔
helium -A type of gas.✔
cling - To hold on to something very tightly. ✔

3. Draw what adventure you think Jason might have.

When mum won lotto

When Mum Won Lotto - Pt 1, No 1, 1998

If you won Lotto what would you do with the money? Illustrate your ideas. You have won $3 million. I will buy food  and clothes and shoes.                                         

Term 2

My favourite thing is swimming because when you swim fast and how long you can stay under water you go better and better.

My least favourite thing golden time because sometimes I loose in games .The games I was playing was run 2. That was the one I was playing on I keep on losing on that game.

For next term I want achieve my goals and work really hard for my family so they can be proud.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I will tell my dad the truth and apologise and tell he how do we fix it or buy a new or give him something in return.

Monday, 1 July 2013

My teachers trip to Melbourne

In week 8 Miss G went to Melbourne, Australia with Mrs Tui. They left at 3.30pm for Melbourne, Australia. Miss G went to the cafĂ© she saw some food also she went to school, with Principals and saw a fish tank in the Principal's office at one of the schools.

When she was in one of the schools she went up and saw a room she thought it was cool, it was like a tree house. After that she went to a music room Mrs G took a video of the band. She loved the music very much. They went to other schools and one had a little zoo. In the little zoo there was a frog, lizards, goats and chickens. 


Miss G came back to school on Monday. When she came back she gave us a gift ,it was a koala, she brought it in Melbourne

I was sick when Miss G was away, I had a hurting eye and I had a block nose and a cough. I took my medicine in the morning, afternoon and night.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Gods call to Mary

Rm 3 Gods Call To Mary from St Pius X on Vimeo.
In our learning we been learning Gods call to Mary. We had to act out god telling Mary to have a baby. Mrs Tui was acting too.

Monday, 17 June 2013


Hiccups - Pt 1, No 4, 1997

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
hiccups - A sudden sound in your throat, cause by a spasm in your chest.
cure -To make someone better when they have been ill.
cough - To make a sudden, harsh noise as you force air out of your lungs.✔
tiptoe - Walk quietly
miserable - Very very unhappy
grin -To give a large small
finally - coming at the end.

2. Draw how to cure someone of hiccups.

3. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.
a) Where did Richard get the hiccups? In his maths class when he was trying to answer a question Richard got the hiccups.
b) Why do you think people get hiccups? people get hiccups because they eat too much or drink to much.
c) What was one way that Richard tried to fix his hiccups? Richard tried to fix his hiccups by holding his breath.  ✔
d) How did Richard end up curing his hiccups? Richard ended up fixing his hiccups by his mum frightening him. ✔ 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Swimming recount

On Monday the students who were swimming went to change into their togs and goggles. The student who were going were me, Rosalina, Christopher, Alecia, Patrick, Victoria, Misiotei, Villiami, Faleaka and Manu.

When the students went to the swimming pool we learnt how to swim with the board. The coach explained to us “put your hands on the front of the board and hold it ”. We put our hands on the front of the board and held it. “and kick” she said “Now two people come to this side of the pool” said the coach.

“Now we are going to put our hands on the bottom of the board and put our whole head in the water without standing up” explained the coach. We were holding the board and doing the right thing just like the coach explained.

Jillian asked “two students come now”, I went with Rosalina. “Now we are going to do arm circles by having a race” so then we went to do it “on your marks, get set, go”. Viliami came 1st, Alecia came 2nd, I came 3rd, Rosalina came 4th, Misiotei came 5th, Victoria came 6th, Patrick came 7th, Faleaka and Manu came last.

Jillian said “Now you guys can have free time but there is no pushing and no drowning other people also no standing on the stairs and jumping off. If you guys do this you will go out for 3 minutes”. I went under the water and I saw Faleaka and I waved my hand. When I went up I saw Faleaka and I talked to her in Tongan. After that she told me “I will go under your legs you go under my legs”.
“Okay” I said. We went to play it then I said “can we play something better?” “okay” said Faleaka. When Jillian said “now we have to get out ” all of us said “okay”. The  students all went out to change in the changing room.

I loved swimming because we got to do races when we were learning.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Circles Learning

This week we been learning how to work out the machine how it knows what our  was. We were thinking if it was going back ward. The machine was telling us think of a number, add 4, double it, take way 7 and then we typed our number this is why it can do it it because it does the opposite of what it is asking you to do.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Math Reflection

on maths I go on xter math and I learnt how to go fast of doing maths and then I went to the race the teacher.
when to the racing the teacher I got 27 smelling face.
 And I got to mathwhizz and when I done doing Xter math .
I was doing a test and I got to the train building and I go 7 right and 3 wrong .

Friday, 17 May 2013

My pencil

A pencil is made out of wood and it is sharp. It is shaped like a hexagon.

My pencil can be sharpened and when  I make a mistake I get a rubber to fix it.

My learning tool is like a rainbow  because it is colourful.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

NZ Sign Language Awareness

This week is NZ Sign language Awareness week. Today Room 3 learnt to say their name in NZ Sign Language.  

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

my mother

My mother looks like my grandmother. She has black hair, as the dark as the night and her eyes are brown like the branch of a tree.

My mum likes fruit and vegetables and she likes flowers too. She does the cooking and the washing around the house. She likes flowers, looking at them but not smelling the flowers because she will sneeze.

My mum is special like the stars in the sky.