Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Recount

YAY THE DUFFY THEATRE IS HERE!!!! After morning tea Saint Pius School went in the hall. Three people came to Saint Pius and introduced themselves. We did the Samoan slap game, it was so fun.  They were going to do a show for us called Duffy Loses his Words. In the play there was a story all about Duffy losing his words. In Duffy’s dream this man was trying to steal all the words from Duffy’s brain. Suddenly his mum shouted “Duffy wake up got and give the rubbish to the man and take your toys in the room also get ready for school”, then Afi came.  Duffy was wearing the wrong t-shirt.
Vautrin came because Duffy and Afi said Voter's name three times.

Then he came, when Afi rimed the words Valtra  will sneeze so they did a quiz but Duffy did the words in morei so he won he got his words back so that the end the end of the story I hope you enjoy my story about the Duffy theatre.

My favourite part of was the clapping games and I can not wait for the another Duffy theatre. :)


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