Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My trip to Australia

On Thursday I woke up in 3 o‘clock for the plane, I packed my stuff, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and went to change my clothes and say goodbye to my grandma, grandpa, uncle and cousin. Me, my cousin and my aunt went to my aunts house and picked her up and we all went to the airport.

When we were at the airport we went up stairs and had breakfast. I was sleepy because I woke up too early. What I did was sit down and waited for my aunt to bring the McDonald’s for breakfast. I had a kiwi breakfast.

After we ate the kiwi breakfast we went to do the passport and bag stuff. When we did that my aunt asked if we wanted to go toilet so we went to the toilet. Three of us went to the waiting room for the plane to come at 7 o’clock, that took a long time. While we waited I was writing in my piano book because I have my lesson every Wednesday. Aunt was asleep but she woke up because the women said the plane was there so we went in line to scan the tickets to Australia and went in the plane. We fastened our seat belts and it took three hours to get to Australia, but in Australia we traveled to the Gold Coast.

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