Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Saint Pius X Feast Day

On Saint Pius X feast day it was a beautiful morning with the wonderful sunshine on friday the 23d August.
There was a whole school mass and we all lined up and walked inside the church. The whole school mass kneeled down and did the sign of the cross. We sat down on the seats with the teachers watching us in church if we talked to a person and so the students were quiet in the church. At church the whole school saw father wearing Green for Ordinary Time in the Liturgical Calendar. We sang a song when we started church and he greeted the students and teachers. After when he had done the gospel Father said “The Gospel of the lord”, then the students and teachers sat down on the chairs. After that finally it was the blessing and once the whole school mass finished we went to the concert in the hall. When the bell rang Room 3 lined up to go to the hall to celebrate Saint Pius  X feast day. The whole school went into the hall and sat down on the floor and were self contolled and behaved ourselves. After that the whole school sang “Happy birthday to Saint Pius X feast day” the helpers: Maxine, Geneveive, Melesane, Latanoa, and Justin gave out the cake to everyone. After that we ate the cake it was delicious and amazing. When we finished the cake Justin came round to the children and put their paper tower in the rubbish bin and the whole school walked to their classrooms and did Maths.

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