Monday, 1 July 2013

My teachers trip to Melbourne

In week 8 Miss G went to Melbourne, Australia with Mrs Tui. They left at 3.30pm for Melbourne, Australia. Miss G went to the café she saw some food also she went to school, with Principals and saw a fish tank in the Principal's office at one of the schools.

When she was in one of the schools she went up and saw a room she thought it was cool, it was like a tree house. After that she went to a music room Mrs G took a video of the band. She loved the music very much. They went to other schools and one had a little zoo. In the little zoo there was a frog, lizards, goats and chickens. 


Miss G came back to school on Monday. When she came back she gave us a gift ,it was a koala, she brought it in Melbourne

I was sick when Miss G was away, I had a hurting eye and I had a block nose and a cough. I took my medicine in the morning, afternoon and night.



  1. This inquiry a love my kowla and when miss G went to melboune.

  2. Inquiry I love my picture of my kowla and when miss G got the kowla at Melboune.