Monday, 18 November 2013

Film Festival term 4 2013

On Wednesday night I walked to Sylvia Park with Maxine, Melesini,Taiwan and my cousin. I got there early and I was happy because I didn’t want to miss out the movies. I went inside and I saw Alecia and Patrick and Faleaka there, I said “Hi”. When it was open everyone had to show their ticket so they could get in. After that I asked my cousin to get me popcorn and he went and bought me popcorn. When we got in I shouted “HI SAM, HI MRS TUI”,  it was noisy. When it got dark the movies were about to start. When the movie started I saw Alecia and Patrick on stage. I laughed at the funny ones and when it came to the Maori movie I got sleepy. Some movies were funny and some movies were cool.

At the movie I was happy and my favorite movie was the Magic Teacher.

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