Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Show time

Show Time by david hill
This Story is about a boy name Slade.
Ms Kape
Room five

One day a teacher called Ms Kape she said to room five “ tomorrow bring some interesting”. The next day two children in room five brought something interesting. One girl called Mallory brought along a baby hedgehog and she told the teacher that she found it in her shed and she feed it.
A boy called Dipak from room five brought a jar with some possum poo.
After school a boy called Slade was trying to find something interesting when he saw a spider. He carried it to his mum, and he showed it to her. His mum said “I’ve got something to put your spider in”.
Slade went and followed his mum.  She got the ladder and found a box and said to “I will poke some holes in the lid so the spider can breathe”.
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