Thursday, 23 October 2014

Room 5 wonderful time at taekwondo

At a wonderful Monday at Saint Pius X after morning tea at 10:50 am at taewondo Room 5 had a coach called Miss Yu also we had a lovely experiments. I learnt lots of trick what we learnt was kicking the pad, jump and kick, turn and kick, elbow hits, back kick, front kick, jump and kick the pad. we've done it eight or nine times.   

My favourite game was jumping over the rope it was very fun but when it went higher and higher I got out and sit down with thy others. 

thank you read my taekwondo writing 


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  2. Hi Petra

    That look fun.I liked how you put capital letters and full stops.
    Next time don't put too much capital letters.
    Was it fun doing Taekwondo.

  3. Hi Petra,
    I really like reading you writing about Taekwondo .
    You have use lots of describing words and lots of details.
    Its was very interesting.
    Remember to put fullstops and always use the right font.
    I was so interested about you writing. Keep up with the amazing work

    From Kalisi

  4. Hi Petra-Rose
    I really liked the way you remembered lot's of different things you did at Taekwondo. At Taekwondo I also liked playing games with the class and the constructor Mrs Yu. Just make sure you proofread and make sure It makes sense. You also need to put down full stops and commas. How did you feel when you did all of those fun activities?
    I hope to read more of your lovely piece of writing.